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Download of V-Sido OS

Since V-SidoOS is under development, it is still the alpha release.
Since the alpha release is not a full version, you can accept it by connecting with RS232c, without rewriting a robot's program, and can use an alpha release immediately.
However, as for this, a part of function is restrained now.
  • The alpha release is the dedicated software for GR-001(RS303,304) of HPI Co.,Ltd.
  • You do not need to rewrite a robot's firmware.
  • The alpha release cannot perform weightless instruction.(Now, it is adjusting to GR-001.)
  • Only Windows (.NET framework 3.5 , Indispensable framework)
  • The alpha release has restricted attitude control speed. (The alpha release becomes later than the video of V-Sido OS.)

V-Sido OS

* Ver.0.4 for GR-001(A KinectSDK compatible version) Ver.0.42(2011/12/12 Release)
* Please use this software by self-responsibility.
* V-Sido OS is for personal use only! Please contact me about commercial use.

Installation manual of V-Sido OS

* Ver.0.42 α

Operation manual of V-Sido OS

* Ver.0.40 α